Claims Investigation

TFG Inspection Services specializes in claims investigation of damaged cargo via the railroad, steamship or truck lines.  We investigate damage claims for auto parts, canned goods, roll paper, frozen food, dry goods, bulk commodities and many other products.


Distressed Load Inspections

TFG Inspection Services inspects distressed loads in order to determine why a shipping container or trailer is leaning, leaking, or why a container and/or the contents of a container became damaged.  We will also determine whether the load is roadworthy or railworthy.


Damage Prevention

TFG Inspection Services inspects the blocking and bracing of loads in order to determine if a load is suitable for shipping and will provide the necessary information to properly block and brace the load if not suitable.


Shipping Container Surveys

TFG Inspection Services surveys shipping containers in order to determine if the container is seaworthy.


Chassis Surveys

TFG Inspection Services surveys chassis for damage, pre and post repair.


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